Bond Yield Bonanza: Why is everybody talking about bond yields, what the hell are they talking about, and why should I care?

What are bonds and bond yields?

Advertisement for war bonds and an actual war bond.

Why are bond yields rising?

Did this inspire “Just Say No”?
From left to right: Sycophant, hot wife, Former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, and cash.
I just threw up a little bit.

I always get inflation and interest rates mixed up…please help.

If you are wondering what he meant by “or less,” he was suggesting that lenders would have to pay borrowers to take their money. If you think this sounds backwards, that is because it is.
This guy knows more about the federal funds rate than you do. Are you sure your college degree was worth it?
30-year fixed mortgage rate, historical average.

Why the heck do rising bond yields matter?

“Patience we must have.” — Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.
Great balls of fire.

The End.



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William Elman

William Elman


Law student at The George Washington University. Big ideas, books, and Bitcoin. @SoyMemoElman